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April 17, 2014, 2:03 am
Prescription Assistance Program
Savings Calculator

Americans can save thousands of dollars per year on their prescription drugs through our program. In fact, the average patient can take a vacation with the savings he receives through participating in a prescription assistance program available to all ages, nationwide.

Since January 1 of this year we've helped people just like you save over $8,860,610.76!

How much can you save? Have a look for yourself....

# of PrescriptionsWas Paying Cost Per YearUpon Approval Into a Free or Low Cost Program, Now Paying Cost Per MonthAvg. Yearly Savings*

You can save up to 98.63% per year by utilizing our program and receiving your medicines at free or low cost.

Stop agonizing over how to pay for your medicines. We are here to help you just like we've helped thousands of families over the past nearly 20 years. Once you apply, customized savings plans allow families to acquire brand-named prescription drugs at a fraction of the market prices.

Once you apply, we will email you a form for each medicine requested for you and your doctor to complete and sign. Since this is prescription medicine, your doctor must be involved with the application process. Upon approval, typically BRAND NAME prescription drugs are mailed every 90 days directly to your home, doctor's office or a voucher is sent to you that you can redeem at your local pharmacy. You can receive some medicines the same day you apply. Some take 1-2 weeks. The quantity, eligibility criteria, and dispensing policy varies from drug to drug.

It's easy to qualify though one or more of our Prescription Assistance Programs if you:

1.) Are a U.S. Resident.
2.) Do not have Medicaid or prescription insurance to cover all of your outpatient medications.
3.) Have income at a level that results in economic hardship when you buy prescription drugs at retail prices.

If you cannot afford to pay for your medicine, you should apply to get ALL of your medications completely free, nearly free or at the lowest cost possible. You may qualify for the programs if you have a household income of $44,680 or less for individuals, $60,520 or less for couples, or $92,200 or less for a family of 4, and in some cases up to $100,000 annual income. It's not just "poor folks" who can be approved to receive free or low cost prescriptions. Sponsors realize that sometimes exceptions need to be made based on the patient's individual circumstances. If you do not meet the prescription drug coverage criteria, and there are special circumstances of financial and medical hardship that apply to your situation, you can request that an exception be made for you.

Don't go without your medicine just because you can't afford it! We have been helping families throughout the USA and it's territories save tons of money on their prescriptions for nearly 20 years. Last year alone we helped our clientele save over 40 million dollars. If you are sick of giving your hard earned dollars for prescriptions - pick up the phone and call our savings hotline to get started now: 1-573-996-3333. You can apply online, right now. It's safe, secure, fast and easy.

Apply now by calling our savings hotline at 1-573-996-3333, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm CST.

* Average Savings based on a number of factors. Medication prices will vary by city, state, and even pharmacy. Your actual savings may vary depending on if you take more expensive medicine than the average it will save more. Likewise if you take a cheaper medicine then the average, you will save less.

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